Agricultural – Must have use in place by January 2 of assessment year to be effective for following payable year* (see below for example)

Green Acres/Rural Preserve – May 1

Managed Forest Land (2c) – May 1

Non-Profit Community Service Organizations – May 1

Mobile Home Homesteads – May 31

Veteran Disability Exemption – July 1

Exempt Properties – July 1

Sustainable Forest – September 30

Blind/Disabled Special Homestead – October 1

Homestead – Occupy by December 1 / Apply by December 15

Actively Farming/Special Agricultural Homestead - December 15

Except for the agricultural classification, these applications are due by the above dates in the Assessment Year in order to be effective the following Payable Year.

*Agricultural Example:  You begin your “active” pasture or tilling the summer of 2016 and apply before January 2, 2017.  It is now in place on January 2, 2017 (2017 assessment year), so the classification will be in place for taxes payable in 2018.