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The arrival of the railroad to Isanti County in 1899 would bring major change to the poor area.


You can apply for a passport at the Isanti County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office.

Hours:     Monday                 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
                 Tuesday-Friday    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Applicants must appear in person before a Passport Agent, submit a completed passport application, provide
required identification, and pay the required fee.

Passport applications are available at the Isanti County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office or online at the US
Department of State by clicking here.

Required Identification:

  • Proof of Citizenship (Certified copy of birth certificate in the United States, original Certificate of Naturalization, or previously issued, undamaged US Passport)
  • Current Identification (such as Valid Driver’s License)

Other Application Requirements:

  • Social Security Number
  • Parents’ Information (name, birth date, and place of birth) for all applicants
  • Passport Photo (available at the Isanti County Auditor-Treasurer’s office)

Passports for Minors:

Consent for passport applicants under age 16 is required from both parents.  (Forms are available for special
circumstances).  Parents and minors must both be present at time of application.

Consent for passport applicants age 16-17 is required from one parent.

Please note: Minors with a current passport will need to bring in a birth certificate when applying for a new passport.  This is to show parental relationship in signing for consent.


Passport Fees
  Passport Fee
(Payable to
Department of State)
Acceptance Fee
(Payable to Isanti
County Auditor - Treasurer)
Total Fee
U.S. Passport Book for First Time Applicants
Adults (Age 16 and Over) $110 $25 $135
Minors (Under Age 16) $80 $25 $105
U.S Passport Card for First Time Applicants (for Land & Sea Travel Only)
Adults (Age 16 and Over) $30 $25 $55
Minors (Under Age 16) $15 $25 $40
Other Fees
Photos $16
Expedite Processing $60
(Expired less than 5 years)