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The region we know today as Isanti County was originally settled by lumberjacks from New England, migrating westward with their families in search of fresh trees to harvest.

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Property Taxes

Pay / View Your Property Taxes
Your property tax dollars are split between Isanti County, school districts, cities, and special taxing districts within the county.  Each of the taxing districts sets their own levy for their portion of the tax bill.

Click here for a chart of the percentage change in property tax bills from 2014 to 2015.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation on how property taxes are determined.

This chart displays the estimated taxes on residential homes assessed at the median market value within each city and township for taxes paid in 2014 and 2015. This table does not reflect other classes of property such as agricultural or commercial. The taxes include the Isanti County, city/township, school district, and special district portion of the tax bill. The tax calculations do not include any lake improvement district taxes or special assessments. All amounts are estimates; amounts included on tax statements mailed in March 2015 may differ.

Public hearings on the proposed budgets are held each fall once the Truth in Taxation notices are sent out.  Please contact each of the taxing districts individually regarding their portion of the tax bill.

For information regarding the classification or the valuation assigned to your property, please check with the Assessor's Office.

NOTICE – The Minnesota Department of Revenue has sent 14,000 verification letters statewide to taxpayers who have applied for a Property Tax Refund.  If you received a letter, you must complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it with a copy of your 2016 tax statement.  To receive a copy of your tax statement, you can access it online or you can contact us at (763) 689-1644.  To access the tax statement online:

  1. Click the “Pay/View Your Property Taxes” button located in the upper right corner of this webpage;
  2. Select “Click Here To Pay Your Property Taxes”;
  3. Search by Parcel Number, Situs Address, or Mailing Address;
  4. A PDF of the 2016 Tax Statement is listed in the far right column of the screen;

Tax statements for real estate and personal property are mailed once a year, the end of March.  Statements for manufactured homes are mailed in July.  No second notice is sent. If you would like an additional copy of your tax statement, you may print one by viewing your taxes online.

Methods for paying property taxes:

  • In person by cash, check, or credit card (credit card transactions subject to convenience fees)
  • By mail
  • On-line by e-check or credit card (credit card transactions subject to convenience fees)
  • Escrowed into your mortgage
Property Tax Due Dates
Due Date Type of Tax/Classification

May 15

First half due residential and agricultural classifications (excludes manufactured homes).  Taxes due in full if amount is $50 or less.

August 31

First half due manufactured homes.  Due in full if amount is $50 or less.

October 15

Second half due residential classification only.

November 15  

Second half due manufactured home and agricultural classifications.

If a due date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, the due date is the next regular business day.  Otherwise, taxes become past due after the due date.  Payments received by mailed are posted according to the date postmarked by the post office.  Penalty for late taxes will vary depending on classification and the date they are paid.  Please refer to the schedule on the back of the tax statement for information on penalties for late payments.

On January 1st of the year following their due date, unpaid property taxes become delinquent.  A delinquent fee will be assessed in addition to penalties for late payment.