2017 Find it in the Parks Medallion Hunt Clues

** The Medallion has been found.  Thank you for all who participated in searching! **

** Remaining Unused Clues in Red Below **


8/7/17  Clue #1

If you found this clue you know where to begin,

Put the clues together in order to win,

The number of parks to look in is six,

Each one is still in the mix,


8/8/17  Clue #2

This park is sometimes big other times small,

Birds are plentiful especially in fall,

I may not be hidden on a trail,

You’ll have to look over and under to unveil,


8/9/17  Clue #3                

Here you will encounter lots of hills,

With distant views where green crops grow,

We’ve restored our fields with no till drills,

It is not very often we have to mow,


8/10/17  Clue #4

From top to bottom it’s long and brown,

Or go around to get to the fish,

Either way you must go down,

And if you get tired you can rest if you wish,


8/11/17  Clue #5

Indian mounds this park still bears,

To find me you must use the stairs,

Take time to look below the solar light,

I am hidden out of sight,