Employee Directory

Name Title / Area Email
Community Services    
Tony Buttacavoli Director tony.buttacavoli@co.isanti.mn.us
Jenae Mettling Health Educator / SHIP Coordinator jenae.mettling@co.isanti.mn.us
Krista Jensen Emergency Preparedness and Special Projects krista.jensen@co.isanti.mn.us
Sarah Motl Community Services Supervisor sarah.motl@co.isanti.mn.us
Cassandra Shaker Public Health Planner cassandra.shaker@co.isanti.mn.us
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)    
Yvonne Sievert WIC Coordinator yvonne.sievert@co.isanti.mn.us
Audrey Nemec Aide audrey.nemec@co.isanti.mn.us
Ruth Beumer Administrative Assistant ruth.beumer@co.isanti.mn.us
Diane Wiss Administrative Assistant diane.wiss@co.isanti.mn.us
JoEllen Hermanson Accountant joellen.hermanson@co.isanti.mn.us
Mo Spike Public Health Nurse / Nursing Supervisor maureen.spike@co.isanti.mn.us
Nancy Anderson Public Health Nurse / MnCHOICES Assessor nancy.anderson@co.isanti.mn.us
MaryLynn Koski Public Health Nurse / MnCHOICES Assessor marylynn.koski@co.isanti.mn.us
Dawn Fiedler Public Health Nurse / MnCHOICES Assessor dawn.fiedler@co.isanti.mn.us
Deb Barringer Registered Nurse debra.barringer@co.isanti.mn.us
Heather Draper Public Health Nurse / Family Home Visiting heather.draper@co.isanti.mn.us
Tammy Heinks Public Health Nurse / Family Home Visiting tammy.heinks@co.isanti.mn.us
Joan Schleicher Public Health Nurse joan.schleicher@co.isanti.mn.us