Prescription Drug Drop Box

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Do you have unwanted medication around your home?  Help protect your family, your community, and the environment by properly disposing of them.

Where is the Prescription Drug Drop Box located?

Isanti County Sheriff's Office
509 18th Avenue SW
Cambridge, MN 55008

Lobby drop box is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

What items can I bring to the Prescription Drug Drop Box?

- Expired or unwanted prescription medication.
- Unneeded or expired over-the-counter medicine.
- Drugs that didn't work for you/a family member/a pet.
- Drugs that are no longer used.
- Medicine from deceased family members.
- Unknown tablets and capsules.

What items are NOT allowed in the Prescription Drug Drop Box?

- No personal care products like lotions and shampoo.
- No sharps.
- No mercury thermometers or other mercury containing medical devices.
- No bio-hazardous waste will be accepted, including items contaminated with body fluids (bandaging, empty IV bags, etc.).
- No chemotherapy or radioactive waste.  Contact your hospital or clinic and return unused medications of this nature to them.

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