The Isanti County Jail and Work Release are parts of the Isanti County Sheriff's Office. Isanti County added on to the former jail that was built in 1984. In 2005 the addition was finished. The former jail housed 39 prisoners. The new addition has the potential to house 112 prisoners. In 2006, our jail personnel booked over 2,100 people into our facility.

County Revenue

To help raise revenue for the county, we work to house up to 20 out-of-county prisoners at a rate of $55 per day. The jail consists of male and female prisoners. We have medium security, maximum security, Work Release (our "Huber" and STS/Sentence to Serve units), and a kitchen.

  1. Staff
  2. Food Service
  3. Programs
  4. Cell Features
  5. Visiting Information
  6. Disabilities


The jail staff consists of: 

  • One Assistant Jail Administrator
  • One Jail Administrator
  • Thirty Correction Officers
  • Two Program Coordinators
  • Two Sergeants